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At one point or another in our lives, we all face personal problems.   Usually these problems are handled without much difficulty.  Sometimes, however, the solution is difficult to find, and the problem may affect our job performance.  What may seem like a tremendous burden to one person can be lighter when shared with someone else, especially if that person is trained to know where to find help.

The Employee Assistance Program can assist you in finding where to go for help for your problems that may affect your job performance.   It can provide assistance to you for a variety of problems by referring you to those people and agencies in the community who specialize in the following areas:

bulletFamily and marriage counseling
bulletAlcoholism and drug problems
bulletDrug related problems
bulletFinancial counseling
bulletEmotional or mental distress
bulletLegal difficulties
bulletOther personal or medical problems

Of course, problems directly related to the job will be handled as they are now.  The Employee Assistance Program is designed to handle those problems outside of work only.

Who can use the program?

Any employee or dependent family member of a contracting employer may use the services since a problem at home with a family member may also interfere with your job performance or attendance.

Is there any cost for the service?

Initial short term counseling is of no cost to you.  Your company has prepaid the fees.  (Number of visits is determined by your company). 

How to obtain these services....

You may call the Employee Assistance Program at (276) 632-6269 or your company representative.  All contacts will be handled in the same way as the privileged information you give your doctor, lawyer, or clergyman.   Employees who seek this service on their own are assured that their problem, its source, treatment and outcome will remain confidential.




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