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Bill Cook - Director of Youth & Prevention
bulletPrevention Services
Prevention is aimed at reducing the incidence of mental illness, mental retardation, and substance abuse.  
Services include:  providing information and education, community awareness events, health fairs, parenting classes, coping skills training, support groups, alcohol, tobacco and drug-events, problem identification and referral, community-based processes, multi-agency collaboration.
bulletHealthy Families - West Piedmont
This program offers home-based services to first-time mothers and their children before birth to the child's fifth birthday.  Services include:  assessment, information, referral, education, parental development, child development, parenting skills, case management, monitoring programs, linking with community resources, collaborating with other agencies, supportive counseling.
bulletInfant-Parent Program
Early intervention services are offered to families and their children birth to three years of age who have developmental delays or disabilities.  Services include:  developmental screenings and assessments, referrals to occupational, speech, physical therapy, referrals to schools, referrals to medical professionals, family support, equipment and toys, educational resources, respite, social and educational activities.
bulletOutpatient Services
The mission of outpatient services is to offer a full range of quality services to children and their families.  Services include:  intake assessments, psychological testing, medication evaluation and monitoring, play therapy, treatment groups, individual and family therapy, case management, drug screening, behavioral specialist services.
bulletIntensive In-Home
This is a time-limited service, usually 3-6 months, that is delivered primarily in the home of a child or adolescent who, due to a DSM-IV diagnosis, is at risk of being moved into an out-of-home placement or being transitioned to home from an out-of-home placement.



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