DSP Orientation Training For Intellectual Disabilities

The Office of Developmental Services is pleased to announce that the online version of the supervisor training “Providing Orientation Training to Direct Support Professionals(DSPs)” is now available on the DBHDS Knowledge Center at https://covkc.virginia.gov/dbhds/external. This training is required for all ID Waiver and DS Waiver provider supervisors who train DSPs providing Residential, Personal Assistance, Day Support and Prevocational services. Please note that this is for supervisors and trainers only, and is not the DSP Orientation Training.


The slideshow covers the requirements for supervisors and DSPs, requires a review of the “Orientation Manual for Direct Support Professionals,” reviews the slideshow and trainers’ notes to be used alongside the manual, and requires successful passing of the associated test, that is administered online immediately following review of the slide content.  The DSP Orientation Manual is available at http://www.dbhds.virginia.gov/documents/ODS/ods-trn-DSP-OrientationManual.pdf.


Supervisors/trainers should print the certificate after successful completion and keep with their completed assurance page for DMAS review. The assurance is self-completed and can be obtained online at http://www.dbhds.virginia.gov/documents/ODS/ods-trn-DSP-TrainRequirement-ID-DS-Waivers.pdf. All supervisors or trainers must take the online training and pass the test with 80% success prior to orienting DSPs to providing services under the ID and DS Waivers.


New users must register in the system to enable access to the course. Register or sign in to take the course at https://covkc.virginia.gov/dbhds/external. Enter DSP in the search field to access the supervisor training.